General list of books
Story books
General knowledge books
Books on poetry
Environment book
Geography books
Science books
IAS Books……etc

Such types of books are available in school library. Every day we arrange here lectures in a class room. 1883 books are available in our library.
Everyday two classes come for reading books
When student come in library they follows all the rule of library with discipline and they read books. They fill all information in register book
We always keep our lib neat and clean, silent
In our library 56 student sit one at a time without any problem. And so many tables, chairs are available for the student, teachers
Not only computer system but also 5 information charts are available for students and teachers. They get information from that charts
So many poems and some written information we paste on that block board.
In this way our best library is always available for the student this is not just library it is the knowledge of world for students