The Entire vision Mission, Moto & philosophy behind the establishment of school To imparting world class education that has the ability to empower our children to physically fit, mentally alert spiritually evoked, intellectually capable for the challenges ahead  on the global platform in this fast evolving almost one –nation world. Our Aim is to build the strong character, self discipline and capable of being global citizens because the nation is always built by discipline, cultured, devoted and educated men with faith in self and the nation as well.

To provide students – Disposition and altitudes, self confidence and self esteem,  behavior and self control, sense of community, behavior and self control, sense of community, language for communication and thinking Explorations and investigation, A sense of place and time, Health and Body Awareness, etc.

We have highly qualified; experienced and dedicated group of teachers who had trained for the best curriculum methodology. The school has regular programme of professional in service training as well as a range of other activities for further enhancement in teaching of the subject.

We believe that our Guru must be more than a source of wisdom and knowledge. He/she moulds an impressionable child’s mind, is a motivator, friend and a Guide a role model a mentor. Compassionate and committed. Learns to innovate and innovates to learn Kind and Inspiring, Affectionate, warmth, trust and togetherness, etc.

Education pattern belongs to multiple intelligence, which is very valuable thing in everyone’s life.